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             BASIC STATED VALUE APPRAISAL - $195.  

  • This is a 1-2 page writeup, with an overview of your car's information, notes on the interior and exterior, and a section for written comments about the car and its market.  Typically this will include a printout of 1-5 comparable vehicles that have recently sold or are currently on the market as well some identifying photos.  In general, my stated value is what I would expect the car to realistically sell for with good presentation and 45-60 days of proper marketing.   Photo page included.  You will be emailed a PDF copy upon completion as well as a signed hard copy mailed to you for your records.   


  • An expanded version of the standard basic appraisal.  This is useful if the value of the vehicle is being debated or contested, particularly in a courtroom setting.  It has more description, more comparable data, and more photos of pertinent value issues.  Oftentimes I have found that extra data and information is more persuasive to judges, lawyers, and argumentative heirs.  My goal is always to have my written work speak fully for me, to both help you resolve your situation and preclude the need for unneeded courtroom drama and expense.  As with the basic, you will be e-mailed a PDF copy upon completion then mailed a signed hard copy. 


  • This is a multipage worksheet format report, designed to be a thorough visual inspection which gives you a comprehensive report on the vehicle you are interested in and allows you to make an informed decision about whether a vehicle is worth pursuing.  Also included is up to 25 digital pictures emailed to you.  These pictures usually clarify notes  or comments within the inspection report.  This report is designed as a thorough overview of condition but does not include a stated market value.  If you would like a stated value appraisal of the vehicle as well, one can be added for $100.  NOTE:  This is NOT a mechanical inspection.  While a short test drive is included, if requested, mechanical inspection of brakes and suspension parts, and things like compression tests are not part of my inspection process and should be tasked to a proper mechanical shop if desired.  If that Ebay or online car you're interested in is the Pacific Northwest but you're not able to view it quickly or safely,  I can be your eyes and help you make the right decision.

  • APPRAISAL OF DAMAGED VEHICLE (After claim is initially adjusted and appraisal clause invoked) -$395. 

  • If your insurance claim has been adjusted by your provider and you haven't accepted the offered settlement, your policy likely has a provision for each side hiring an independent appraiser.  I can provide a detailed appraisal of what the car was worth prior to the damage, and what I believe you should be compensated to  obtain a comparable replacement, or facilitate repairs before declaring the vehicle a total loss.  I am not currently a licensed insurance adjuster, so I cannot directly negotiate a settlement on your behalf, or provide a repair estimate for the damage.   However, I can provide a report for you to use for the appraisal clause or provide a report for a licensed adjuster to reference during a negotiation.  Initial 15 minute consult on your situation is free, and I try to only offer my services when I feel there is a need.  Based on what I find in an initial search, I will tell you if I think the offer is already fair or if I do not believe contracting an appraisal from me will be worth the cost.  The $395 fee includes all necessary follow up communication by me with the insurance company representatives and you to help resolve your claim.  These after-damage appraisals usually involve late model vehicles, but sometimes involve disputed values on classics as well.  I'm also trained to report on Diminished Value of vehicles due to damage history.  In this age of accessible vehicle history reports, your vehicle will suffer a loss in value (as an asset to be sold or traded) once accident history is recorded, regardless of the quality of repair.   This is particularly true of vehicles that subsequently receive salvage or "branded" titles.         

  • TRAVEL FEE - $2/mile from my home office to your vehicle
  • If you are unable to drive or bring the vehicle to me, I am able to travel to the vehicle and inspect it at your location.  This travel fee is applied ONE WAY - i.e. if I travel 10 miles to see your car, there will be a $20 travel fee added to the appraisal or report cost. (Trips that involve ferry travel or toll roads are also billed the cost of those fees.)  My travel fee is typically waived if there are 4 or more vehicles being appraised at a single location.  Distances greater than 75 miles are negotiated and considered on a per case basis.  If you are an insurance agent or member of a car club and you wish to coordinate a day for multiple people to get appraisals and save the potential individual travel fees, please contact me and we can coordinate something that works for everyone.  


  • With informal personal consultation, we can talk about anything auto-related (cars, parts, automobilia) that doesn't involve a written report.  Perhaps you'd like some guidance about a collection of cars or parts you're inheriting, or want to decide if some old car you're being offered is actually worth pursuing.  We can chat via phone or meet safely in person and discuss.  The rate is $80/hour billed in 15 minute increments.   A two hour walk through of a late relative's car barn can go a long way in separating the treasures from the trash, and provide some clarity to help an overwhelmed executor move forward.  

  • As stated earlier, I always want my written work to speak for itself and help you get things resolved.  However, if I am needed for expert witness testimony or deposition work, I bill at a rate of $120/hour, again in 15 minute increments.  This rate is for video conference or courtroom appearance, and also for document review and submission as required by the case.  My travel fee above is applied to any associated travel, as well as any additional parking or ferry costs during required visits to lawyer offices or courtrooms, while the hourly fee is charged from the time I arrive until the time I leave.    


  • No-I only appraise vehicles that I am able to view IN PERSON. It has been my policy since I started doing this in 1993.   I have written consultation reports describing the potential market for vehicles that have been described to me or shown to me via photos, but they are not written as appraisals of these vehicles and should not be considered as such.  These reports can still be a useful resource in lieu of an appraisal when making decisions on vehicles that are not accessible to me or another qualified appraiser.