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Providing the automotive information you need, in a form that is most useful. 


If you need expert opinion on vehicles and their value, Vintage Viewpoint can help.   


Whether its an appraisal, a pre-purchase inspection, or just an hour of talking about a barn full of car parts you just inherited, I am here to help you.

Your car is an asset, and its important to know its value.


My name is Tom Breske.  I began doing automobile appraisals in 1993 and have been appraising them here in the Pacific Northwest under the Vintage Viewpoint banner since 1996.  I have personally owned a number of classic and special interest vehicles.  It is important to know what your vehicle is worth when you have to make important decisions-how much to insure it for, how much to sell it for, how much value to allow when you're trying to distribute assets fairly.

I have a large personal library of printed resources about many types of classic and specialty cars.  I still use it often, but have also learned to effectively and efficiently search and navigate the worldwide web to find both the information to authenticate vehicle details as well as locate real market information to ascertain current values.

While classic and special interest vehicles are my specialty and passion, I also keep pace with the contemporary auto and truck market, and like most everyone else, I utilize late model vehicles in my daily life.  If you have a late model vehicle that needs an appraisal due to rarity, exceptional condition, or due to a dispute in value with another party, I can help you.  If you have concerns about diminished value after damage, or feel you are not being offered adequate compensation to replace your vehicle and be made whole, I can provide an appraisal or at least offer some guidance.     

I have been focused on learning about cars, their details, and their markets for most of my 50+ years.  

I've also bought and sold classic cars professionally at different points in my career, and understand well the market and the many things that affect value and desirability.  I can discern good restoration work from bad, and having grown up on the salt-covered roads of Minnesota, I have a healthy fear of rust and corrosion and all of the hidden places it can manifest.  

​I have been a member of the International Automotive Appraisers Association in good standing since 1996 ( IAAA member #1006010096) .  The support and continuing education offered by this group of appraisers has been very helpful for me through the years.  You can find more information about IAAA and locate other appraisers within the association at