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Providing the automotive information you need, in a form that is most useful. 


For the many years I’ve been in business, I have been striving to provide my clients the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction. 


Whether its an appraisal, a pre-purchase inspection, or just an hour of talking about a barn full of car parts you just inherited, I am here to help you.

Information on old cars is certainly available everywhere on the web.   25 years ago I was the kid who had the "special" information that most people couldn't find.  Now, I'm the guy who can sort through all the information and tell you what matters and what doesn't when it comes to YOUR car.  

Your car is an asset, and its important to know its value.


My name is Tom Breske.  I started out doing vintage automobile appraisals in 1993.   I've been appraising in the Pacific Northwest since 1995, and have personally owned a number of classic and special interest vehicles.  Its important to know what your vehicle is worth when you have to make important decisions-how much to insure it for, how much to sell it for, how much value to allow when you're trying to distribute assets fairly.

I have been into cars from the time I could tell what a car was.  Throughout my life, I've studied cars, almost obsessively, in a quest to learn everything I can.  


I've also bought and sold classic cars professionally at different points in my career, and understand well the market and the many things that affect value and desirability. 


Whatever your need, I will formulate a value for you based on my experience and knowledge, and I will do my utmost to back that up with real data from similar sales.  

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